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Workers' Compensation


No one expects to be injured on the job. No one wants to be out of work with an injury.  As a result, the time after an on-the-job injury is often filled with uncertainty and worry. Common questions include:

1)How will I provide for my family?

2)Can I go back to my previous job? 

3)Who will pay for my treatment?

You do not have to be alone with this worry. You can share your concerns with a professional who has handled over a thousand claims during the course of her career. We will come alongside you and be with you through every step of your claim. From the beginning, when your treatment is just starting, through to the end, when your claim is settled. You can rest assured your claim will be properly evaluated and efficiently handled. You can know that someone is on your side.

Remember, if the carrier denied your claim, it does not mean your claim would not be found compensable either at a hearing or through negotiations. Always consult an attorney.

Questions we can help answer for you:

  1. Is my claim compensable?
  2. Why has my claim been denied?
  3. When should my benefits start?
  4. How much should I receive weekly?
  5. What treatment should I receive?
  6. How long can I get medical treatment?
  7. Why have my appointments not been set?
  8. Can I choose my doctor?
  9. When will my claim be resolved?
  10. After my claim is settled, can I still get treatment?
  11. Can I get treatment for a new medical problem that developed post-accident?

Our promise to our clients:

Nothing is more important than answers when you have questions. We understand that treatment and benefits are vital to you and to your family. When you are our client, you will know they our priority as well. We strive to respond within hours to issues. While we may not always have an immediate solution; you will know you are not facing an obstacle alone.

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If you have been hurt while in the course of your duties for your employer in Greenville, Spartanburg, Laurens, Pickens, or Anderson County or anywhere in upstate SC call or email us for a free confidential consult to learn your rights.

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