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Workers' Compensation 

My practice is focused solely on workers' compensation claimants.  From when an on-the-job accident first happens, through the appeal process we help injured workers navigate the system, answering questions and advocating for their rights at each step. I personally work with every individual we serve to ensure they understand what to expect.      

For over fifteen years, I worked as a workers' compensation defense attorney.  That experience provided invaluable insight into how the carrier values and investigates a claim. From the first meeting I have with a client until we evaluate their claim for final settlement or a hearing, my clients benefit from that unique perspective. 

Responsiveness is another hallmark of our client service.  We understand the stress associated with not being able to work due to an injury.  Therefore, when clients have questions or concerns we make it our goal to respond the same day with thoughtful advice they can trust.

My favorite part of being an attorney is being in position to be able to help people through difficult times. When someone has suffered an injury, their relationship with their attorney can become one of their most important overnight.  They are understandably concerned and have questions about what will happen next. We let them what to expect and then work together to achieve the best result for each individual client.  Advocating for hard-working South Carolinians is an honor and I am so grateful to be able to do this work. 

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